P38 Range Rover BeCM Unlocking

There are actually two different types of unlocking available.

  1. Unlocking - This allows a previously used BeCM to be programmed completely to allow use on another vehicle.
  2. EKA Unlocking - BeCM's sometimes get into a state that blocks all attempts to use the vehicle, this is when the EKA locks, this normally happens at the same time as the alarm is on also.

We are able to Unlock the BeCM to allow correct programming for another P38 Range Rover, we can also program the BeCM at the same time to the configuration of your vehicle if reaquired. We leave the BeCM in an Unlocked state.

We are also able to Unlock the EKA lockout and Alarmed status of all BeCM's allowing the car to be used once again - prior to this service the only way to resolve the problem was to replace the BeCM, this is no longer necessary as we can overcome all Lockout, Unlocking and Programming requirements of all P38 Range Rover Owners.

We carry out this specialist task to Land Rover Dealerships, Independent Land Rover Specialists, Garages and owners on a dailly basis.